Namespaced PSR-6 cache pool

The namespaced cache pool is a special cache of the hierarchical cache architecture where it only uses one level of hierarchy. Use this when you provide a third party library with a PSR-6 cache pool to make sure you never get key conflicts or unexpected calls to CacheItemPoolInterface::clear().

// Get a pool that supports hierarchy
$client = new \Redis();
$client->connect('', 6379);
$pool = new RedisCachePool($client);

// Decorate it with a NamespacedPool
$namespacedPool = new NamespacedCachePool($pool, 'acme');

$item = $namespacedPool->getItem('foo')->set('bar');

$namespacedPool->hasItem('foo'); // True
$pool->hasItem('foo'); // False

Internally the NamespacedCachePool will prepend all keys with |acme|. Which means that the $pool may access items in the namespace by doing the very same:

$pool->hasItem('|acme|foo'); // True

Symfony integration

If you are are using our bundles you may configure a service with as a namespaced pool by using the pool_namespace configuration option.